Basic Information

Alpha Lipoic Acid USP

(Pharma Grade)

Product Name : Alpha Lipioc Acid USP (Pharma Grade)
CAS No. : 1077-28-7
Molecular Form : C8H14O2S2
Appearance : Light yellow to yellow
Density : 1.218g/cm3
Melting Point : 160-62ºC
Flash Point : 173ºC
Storage : 25ºC

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About Us

Who We Are

Our products are used by numerous well known global manufacturers from medicine, dietary supplement, cosmetics and other fields. We have obtained GMP certificate and passed site inspection by FDA. The company adheres to complete quality management with quality manual under GMP regulation.

Over the 10 years since our inception, we have diligently stick to our aim of "Get success, employees’ growth and, benefit the society", fulfilling the social responsibility of corporate citizens.


We Invest in Quality

Avanscure has set up a centralized quality control department which is responsible for the quality control and quality qualification GMP requirements. The quality control department follows GLP and ensures compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. We continuously review our various operations to make them more efficient, relevant with changing international scenario a d and environment friendly.


Our Laboratories are well equipped with advanced qualified analytical instruments such as HPLC’s, UV’s, GC’s Dissolution apparatus, Digital Karl Fisher Moisture analyzers etc.,


Our Microbial Laboratory is equipped with Laminar Air Flow Apparatus, provided with BOD incubators, Colony counters etc.


Developing RM, PM & FP analytical methods and Method validations.


Roles & Responsibilities of our QC are conducting of physiochemical & microbial analysis of Raw, Packing materials and In-process, finished products as per the pharmacopeia & In-house specifications & methods.


Documentation such as Preparation of Specifications, Method of analysis, Analytical worksheets, Certificate of Analysis etc.,


Handling Stability activities, Control samples, Investigation and Documentation of OOS etc.

About Our

Manufacturing Facility

We are Based out of India’s Biggest Pharma Manufacturing Hub, GIDC Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Avanscure lays equal stress on development and environmental protection and takes the path of sustainable development. Thus, we have built a Pollution free green environment of infrastructure and our plant is GMP certified and ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

State-of-the-art facility spread over on 5 acres of land and covers an area of 100,000 sq. ft in multi-level building with manufacturing blocks designed for utmost quality as per cGMP.

Manufacturing capabilities – Halogenation Technology, Grignard Chemistry, Oxidation Reaction Technology, Reduction Technology, Chiral Chemistry.

Strong QA system assures that the products are manufactured and tested as per validated processes and STP’s

Designed with modular clean room panels to facilitate uni-directional flow of men and materials with separate entry and each rooms are having individuals air lock for secondary change.

Pressure differentials and maintained between each manufacturing suite and the corridors and classified as ISO Class 8 (100K).

Well Equipped HVAC System installed as per cGMP requirement to control the Temperature , Humidity and Pressure differentials.